About the Site

This site is the official website of the Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences, International Journal of, (MCFNS).  The MCFNS journal publishes quantitative and analytical works in mathematical and computational forestry and natural resource sciences.  The two areas of this scope cover the extreme ends of the currently (several decades old) predominant model of forestry and natural resource research.  The center of the commonly accepted model consists of empirical data collection and associated statistical analysis.  On one extreme of this model lies analytical derivation, such as equation derivation, mathematical proofs, and hypothetical theories.  On the other extreme of the spectrum lie the modern computational sciences based on massive amounts of computations allowing solutions to formerly inconceivable problems.  The journal also covers other related works geared towards implementation of new technologies or computational solutions. The journal applies a 3-stage peer review process that includes the traditional editorial consideration and double blind peer review by appointed referees, as well as a most modern Open Public Review system posting journal preprints online for an open worldwide scrutiny prior to their final publication.


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